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Welcome to the In memoriam project which aims to preserve the memory of our dear person who left this world and moved to another, certainly better. We can often hear people say about the deceased: - Glory to him, may the earth be easy for him / her, may God forgive his / her soul and the like. Njegoš's saying is also well-known: "Blessed is he who lives forever and he had reason to be born".

Our guiding idea for this site was to offer something that is unique in this area, and that is a site with factual data about our neighbor, but also with an added biography about it. Thus, the memory of our neighbor continues to live without the need to be remembered or retold, but through this project it will remain alive, so that everyone who accesses our site can be reminded or educated about the person who interests him. Also, we think that it is important to follow modern technologies, so in this regard, this site will serve as a notice, or as a reminder for all admirers of your neighbor who want to inform that person has moved away from us, or what is everything (and whom) that person left behind. Thus, the generations that should inherit us will have something to learn about the person they are interested in, regardless of whether they knew her. On our site you can find all the information related to your neighbor: date and place of birth and death, photos, biography, his descendants…

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Depending on which package you choose, you will have the option to expand the database. So, for example, you will be able to post up to 10 photos, create a family tree with descendants, receive email notifications about important dates (anniversaries) and the like. Whichever package you choose, the data will be published on our site for a year.





In Memoriam

Let us note the memories and recollections with the biographies of our dear people who left this world.

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